Man looking down from an open window during opening day at the Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA

Portrait photography, retouching

Six giant Seattle Sounders soccer players competing at Century Link field in front of a capacity crowd

Sports photography, photo illustration, compositing

A colossal tower or rock rises from a windy, foggy beach

Landscape photography, retouching

Photographic portrait of an attractive female rendered to look like an oil painting

Portrait photography, photo illustration

A long, deserted road stretches through farmland toward a vast city in the distance

Landscape photography, photo illustration, compositing

A beam of light illuminates numerous classical bust sculptures in an otherwise darkened storage room

Still life photography, retouching

Seen from the Space Needle, the lights of downtown Seattle sparkle brightly at twilight

Landscape photography, retouching

A massive industrial complex is seen smoking and sprawling into the distance at night

Industrial photography, retouching

A massive cement factory radiates a soft pink glow at dusk

Industrial photography, retouching

An ominous-looking group of people looks down, silhouetted against the night sky, with mountains in the background

Special effects photography, photo illustration, compositing

A wave of fog starts to envelop a cargo ship anchored at night

Industrial photography, retouching

Long sleeve running shirts isolated on a white background

Product photography, retouching

A darkened steel bridge at night, with an illuminated sign that says "Highway"

Industrial photography, retouching, photo illustration

Collage showing various wide-angle views of rooms in a sun-lit apartment

Real estate photography, retouching

A pantry shelf filled with many jars of pickles; a chicken foot is noticed in one of the jars

Still life photography, retouching

A wealthy couple are followed by a hotel worker pushing their luggage against the sweeping backdrop of Hotel Coronado

Lifestyle photography, retouching

Silhouettes of birds rest and fly from a telephone wire high above the city

Landscape photography, photo illustration, compositing

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