Sample pages from a children's western themed comic book highlighting graphic design and typography

Comic book: layout design, typesetting & typography

Sample screenshots from a children's book and product line with a 1950s aesthetic

Website: collaboration on aesthetic, art direction, content, functionality, and UI/UX

Screenshot of a gym homepage with a clean and modern aesthetic and a single athlete stretching

Website redesign: creative direction, information design, content creation, testing

Collage of gym marketing collateral with photos of athletes and written information about the gym

Marketing collateral: layout, typography, proofing

Collage of hospital forms for patients and staff highlighting detailed graphic design

Hospital forms: proofing, layout design, typesetting

Illustration of man wearing weird glasses in a humorous advertisements  for fake products

[Fake] product posters: digital illustration, layout design, copywriting, typography

Collection of custom-designed logos

Logos, type treatments, brand graphics

An illustrated ninja and acrobat fight each other in a poster for the movie Gymkata

Movie screening poster: digital illustration, copywriting, layout design

Collage of restaurant marketing collateral with photos of food and written descriptions

Restaurant advertisements: photo retouching, layout design, copywriting collaboration

Screenshot of a literary fiction blog highlighting the web design and aesthetic of the site

Blog: UI/UX, branding, site maintenance

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